TAccording to an analysis of official data, twelve countries, including Italy, Germany and Bulgaria, are on their way to joining the quarantine-free green list this week and opening up travel to unvaccinated vacationers.

The 12 countries meet the Green List criteria, which are used by government scientists to determine whether countries’ infection rates, testing capacity, vaccination rates, and risk from variants are low enough to warrant inclusion.

The 12 also include Canada, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and would bring the total number of countries on the green list to 39, according to the analysis by Robert Boyle, a former BA strategist whose predictions were previously accurate.

The Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca, Portugal’s Madeira, Malta, Gibraltar and Israel are the only other viable holiday destinations on the green or green watch list, which has only been expanded once since it was introduced last month.

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