Silverdale JFC.

Silverdale JFC has received approval from the Walsall Council licensing officers to open a bar on its Walstead Road base to bolster its finances.

But the plan initially sparked fierce objections from local residents, who feared that drinking regularly late into the night all week would lead to noise, rubbish, parking problems, and security concerns.

One meeting also heard that they were upset that the club hadn’t embarked on the plans with them.

Club officials apologized for the lack of advice and promised to work with the community in the future.

Silverdale JFC’s Adam Bunce-Sweeney told the committee the bar has limited hours – it only operates when football is on.

This took away many of the fears of residents Jane Taylor and Philip Fellows, as well as Hajran Bashir Township Council, who attended the hearing to comment.

Mr. Bunce-Sweeney said, “The bar is supposed to bring some additional finds into the club.

“We are so badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It made it very difficult for us to work and almost not be able to do anything anymore.

“We have hundreds of children playing for our club to provide them and their parents with a safe place for refreshments.

“The bar would not be open at any other time when football activities are taking place.”

“We are not looking for passive trading. We don’t want to get people off the streets. It will only be members. “

He added: “I would like to apologize to all residents for their lack of commitment.

“We’re a very new management committee and we’re starting to find our way around running the club.

“But we 110 percent would like to get in touch with you. Ultimately, this is your home, this is where you live and this is where we play football and want to work with the local community. “

He said they would create six parking spaces and put up signs discouraging reckless parking.

Mr Bunce-Sweeney also said they would send volunteers to collect rubbish in the area and keep the noise to a minimum.

He assured residents and the committee that they have welfare officers at the club to look after the children.

Ms. Taylor said, “The first look at the application (which said) that you would be open late and all week was a nightmare scenario for everyone.

“This is a quiet, peaceful, and picturesque street. And we all appreciate how you safely do it.

“We wish you the best of luck in your activities, but after the fiasco of the past two years, everyone is financially in the same boat. Let’s hope things clear up and you win something back.

“We expect the noise of cheering and it’s nice to hear, but respect for the residents would be very welcome.”

Mr. Fellows said, “Engagement has decreased over the years. The relationship between the association and the residents needs to be improved.

“The permit application has certainly raised concerns as the residents only found out about it a few days earlier.”

“The club’s representations have allayed a number of fears.”