DENVER (CBS4) – During the week, Tyiesha Lowry-Jones makes a living in network security with Empower Retirement. But on the weekends it is known simply as “Smooth” on the soccer field.

“Most people don’t know because we’re not bringing our business to market,” Lowry-Jones said. “We’re just soccer players like the boys.”

Lowry-Jones is the quarterback for Mile High Blaze, a women’s semi-professional football team that has scored touchdowns since 2013. Wyn Dominy is the team owner and uses her unique talent to recruit players.

“I can go through a grocery store and I’ll see a girl and say she looks like she can play soccer,” Dominy said. “We will recruit anytime, anywhere. Because we’re looking for all types. All shapes, all sizes. We don’t discriminate, that’s for sure. “

The list ranges from women outside of high school to others who are likely the high school grandparents.

“The fact that a 50 year old woman can come here and compete with an 18 year old child or a 25 year old veteran. It’s amazing to me what women can do with their bodies, ”said Lowry-Jones.

The players enjoy the game, but they also have their challenges. Each player has to pay to play and can spend anywhere from $ 750 to $ 1,500 per season as there aren’t enough sponsorships to cover the cost of equipment.

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Despite the challenges, the WFA makes an impact. Lo Locust previously trained in the Women’s League and was now on the sidelines at Super Bowl LV as assistant defensive coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“It’s crazy to see that. I mean, I’m looking for her on the sidelines and I just enjoy it so much, “said Dominy.

The women will start the football season in May and try to break down the barriers one by one.

“The goal in our league is to help our players and teach them to train. And move up to the next level, whether it’s high school, college or NFL, ”said Dominy.

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