ASHBURN, VA. – Landon Collins – or “Landon In Landover” as the room called it when it was first year in Washington – apparently doesn’t want anything to do with linebacker, an idea we wrote about this off-season. (See below.)

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Collins was asked a question by a fan through his Instagram story about rumors that he had switched to the linebacker.

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So now we know that Collins clearly doesn’t want to move positions from security to linebacker.

What we don’t know is how coaches Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio are feeling. Rivera was recently asked about Collins and how his injury might affect his safety position, but Rivera didn’t offer many details.

“We have to see how he makes progress and how he does as we move forward,” said Rivera.

He was not asked directly if there was any consideration as to whether Collins might switch positions.

In other words, Collins may only speak for himself and his plans, not for the coaching team.

Washington bypassed both Keanu Neal (to Dallas) and Anthony Harris (to Philadelphia) in the free agency, both of whom signed with rivals of the divisions over the weekend.

So it seems that if they add a security (which we recommend that they should be at the security vacancy) it could be put on the NFL draft in late April.

In Washington, Kam Curl, Jeremy Reaves, Deshazor Everett (end of season injury), Troy Apke and Collins are the top 5 in April.

It is not likely that all five would make opening 53; Apke thinks he’s in the bladder.

Collins will not be cut this year, especially since his base salary is now largely guaranteed. To justify everything? Collins needs to get well and figure out what went wrong last year when he missed way too many tackles and made a punch game, a sack and a forced fumble from Cowboys QB Andy Dalton.

We continue to believe that Collins could be moved to capitalize on his strengths near the box. This is not an insult, and it still makes sense for us to play a “hybrid” style where Collins sometimes appears as a “supporter” – where he is less sticky in terms of cover and more of a strong defender.

If the coaching team told Collins he was safe, that’s fine. Otherwise? We believe that all stakeholders, including Landon in Landover, should remain open-minded about how best to help a burgeoning defense force.