Leicester City will have plans for the various scenarios that could occur during the final 90 minutes of the season.

City Head in the final game of the season, against Tottenham Hotspur, sat in fifth place, under Liverpool on goal difference and one point behind Chelsea in the battle for a place in the Champions League.

Their most likely path to the top 4 is beating Spurs and hoping Chelsea can’t beat Aston Villa or Liverpool can’t beat Crystal Palace.

However, there is a slim chance they can overtake Liverpool due to the goal difference even if Jurgen Klopp’s team wins. If the Reds win by one goal, a 5-0 triumph for City would be enough to overtake them.

Brendan Rodgers has been in this scenario before when Liverpool tried to narrow Manchester City’s goal difference in the 2014 title race only to have his side give up the lead by three goals at Crystal Palace.

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Because of this, his first priority will be to win the game and implement the plan for more goals later in the game.

“We’re going to talk about the different situations that can arise in the game,” Rodgers said. “I think in the end we set out to win the game. The important thing is that you can’t overcomplicate it.

“When there is a point where we need a goal, we want something for ourselves. However, it is something that I have had before how to know where it can go against when you get too emotional and think you can pursue goals.

“The key is to win the game and get three points. There are very few games where you score five or six goals in the Premier League. So win the game.

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“With this team, you can’t take massive risk by simply opening up your entire team. You have players like Harry Kane, Son, they are fast, they are dynamic, Moura, Gareth Bale, Dele Alli, they are talented players so you can’t just open up your team and think that you will get away with it.

“Just win the game, be professional, stay focused, and if there is a moment in the game where we need it or where we can get to another goal or push for another goal, then this is us Aware of scenarios and we will be ready for them. “

City are underdogs in the race for the Champions League but there are still reasons to be optimistic.

In Anfield, Roy Hodgson wants to say goodbye to Crystal Palace at a high point that has had shock results in recent years thanks to his talent for counterattacking in the elite clubs.

Meanwhile, Chelsea are heading to Aston Villa, which will have 8,000 fans at their stadium to cheer on their side, including captain Jack Grealish who may feel he needs another big performance after an injury Secure place in England.

“I think it’s not over yet,” said Rodgers. “I have this optimism and this belief. When we’re doing our job we can’t do more than that. It will be interesting to see how it ends.

“What we don’t want is that the door is open to us and we can’t go through it. Let’s pick these three points and see where it takes us.

“In every game there is pressure to win. I concentrate fully on ourselves and get three points. Then let’s see what Chelsea is doing at the villa. Villa had a great performance at Tottenham and is always a very dangerous team.

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“Crystal Palace in Liverpool has shown that they are very good at counterattacking.

“When we come to the end of the season with 69 points and somehow not make it into the Champions League, it was really unfortunate.

“Our focus is on ending the season strong. The players had an outstanding season. The staff, everyone had to work so hard planning the games this season. But we were competitive and in the last game we were fighting for a place in the Champions League with two of the biggest European clubs. “