The Leicester City squad can use their anger to improve the club’s form, says full-back Timothy Castagne.

After losing on Thursday evening, City will travel to Crystal Palace on Sunday with just one win out of the last six in all competitions.

The squad is far from happy with the latest results but Belgium international Castagne believes these emotions can be used for good.

When asked about the mood in the squad given the disappointments in September, Castagne said: “It’s not great. I think a lot of players are angry.

“But I think it’s a good way to be angry when you just want to get out of this time and do what we can do again.

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“We know our qualities. Right now it’s not enough and I’ll be the first to say I’m angry with myself, with the team, but in a good way. I think we need that to get out of there and build something positive. “

For the fourth game in a row, City had to deliver a much better performance in the second half after the off-pace openings.

They won 2-0 in Millwall, but lost in Brighton and Legia, while they only drew at home against Burnley.

Trying to diagnose this trend is difficult for Castagne, as he suspected it could be due to lack of concentration in the first half.

“It’s hard to give a reason,” he said. “Here you can see the pattern. It’s now three games in a row if we don’t count the Carabao Cup, where we have to come back from behind, Brighton, Burnley and now here.

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“It’s always difficult to come back, they have a good atmosphere, they have players who are hungry to defend and keep the result. We tried and tried and missed some opportunities.

“If we don’t give up early, it will be easier for us. It was the same on Saturday and the same on the previous weekend.

“I don’t know if it’s focus or something, but you can see in the first half that we have these moments of inattention and we have some chances and some goals. We’ll come back in the second half, we’ll play well and give our all. I mean, it’s a good character, but it’s not enough. “