Liverpool are being forced to set up a restricted area around the shelters on Anfield Road – which means 200 season ticket holders will be relocated to other parts of the stadium for the foreseeable future.

After the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, the Reds will play in front of a sold out home audience for the first time in nearly 18 months when they entertain Burnley on Saturday.

However, some precautionary measures continue to be taken as part of the Covid protocols that are drawn up by the football associations for each competition.

The Premier League requires that there be a sterile zone around the tunnel and the shelter, which serves as an extension of the “Red Zone” established last season and only accredited personnel are allowed in.

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And due to the mandatory sterile area, a seating area on the main grandstand will not be available, which will affect around 200 season ticket holders.

The fans will be temporarily relocated to other seats in the main grandstand and, to compensate for the disruption, will be given access to the Hospitality Beat Lounge with free programs and drinks.

In an email to fans affected by the measure, Phil Dutton, vice president of ticketing and hospitality for the club, said: “These newly requested sterile areas will reduce our overall capacity in the stadium and unfortunately, as your season ticket is in a mandatory sterile area, Your seat will not be accessible which means we have no choice but to move you.

“This is a Premier League requirement that we have no control over. There have been several meetings with the Premier League on the matter and all clubs have urged to minimize any disruption. The seats affected are the bare minimum we get in the red zone.

“Please rest assured that we are not assuming that this is a permanent agreement. Should the red zone be lifted by the football associations, we will return you to your original seat as soon as possible.”

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