Sky Sports pundits Graeme Souness and Jamie Carragher have voiced their concerns over the Liverpool form. Carragher warned the reigning Premier League champions in the top four.

Jürgen Klopp’s team suffered a 1-0 home defeat against Burnley on Thursday evening, the first defeat at Anfield in the league in almost four years.

“I can’t remember a time when so many players were out of shape at the same time,” said Carragher.

After Liverpool faced Manchester United in the FA Cup this weekend, Tottenham (a), West Ham (a), Brighton (h), Man City (h) and Leicester (a) are the next league games in Liverpool.

“If the next few games don’t go well, they will undoubtedly be eliminated from the title race in mid-February to late February,” said Carragher. “If that happens, Liverpool will fight for their lives to be in the Champions League next season.”

And former Liverpool captain and manager Souness added: “Jurgen has some difficult considerations to make. Some of these players look like they have been shot. They have no shine.”

“This will be a real test for these players. Jürgen will now find out what he has in the locker room.”

Carragher: Faith is gone


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Since Liverpool have scored seven times at Crystal Palace, there have been only once in the last five games and no goal at all in the last three games.

And Carragher fears that belief in the Premier League champions has waned.

“They start off well and brightly and you think it’s something to build on, but they just seem to lose trust and confidence so quickly that they can actually score a goal. It’s almost like they have to go in to score a goal in the first half. ” Hour, “he said.

“Usually the great teams and this Liverpool team have been scoring a lot of late goals over the last few years but it seems like belief is completely disappearing. When the clock ticks closer and closer to 90 minutes, belief goes and you can’t see how Liverpool can really score.

“I can’t remember a time when so many players were out of shape at the same time.

“Think of the top three and the full-backs when it comes to quality and support, which we have seen so often. All five are nowhere near at their best. It’s not just a goal, it’s a general game.”

“Mo Salah comes and is three or four one-on-one against the left-back and runs straight towards him. Firmino’s chance if he comes. It felt like Alexander-Arnold had put so many crosses and never found anyone.

“I think the Liverpool fans will be massively frustrated. This team did something for this club that no one has done for a long time – they brought back a title. They will always be legends in everyone’s eyes.”

“But for some reason, in the last four or five games, it’s not just dropped, it’s dropped massively. It’s a huge concern for the future. Not just in terms of the title, but also in terms of the top 4.”

“If the next games don’t go well, they will undoubtedly be eliminated from the title race in mid-February, late February. If that happens, Liverpool will fight for their lives.” the Champions League next season. “

Souness: Liverpool are not the same team

For Souness, however, the problem is not Liverpool’s recent form, but their form in general for the past few months.

“I don’t have to tell you that they are not the same team as they were last year,” said Souness.

“That came, Liverpool were a shadow of the team we’ve seen for almost three years. There was no sparkle tonight, they were flat as they got the ball into the final third and at the time.” came to deliver, the delivery was always bad. They consistently lacked quality. “

“There is so much expectation in their shadows because of what they have done over the past two seasons – European champions, Premier League champions. The expectations are there and on their shoulders. It was at the beginning of the season and they did it. ” not handled it very well.

“That makes you a special team. It’s hard enough to win, but keeping it and staying there year after year makes you a special team and right now this Liverpool team is not up to the challenge. ” “”

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Football on Thursday evening is not that bad ??‍♂️

– Gary Neville (@ GNev2) January 21, 2021

What’s next?

It’s another showdown for Liverpool with Manchester United on Sunday when they meet for the FA Cup at Old Trafford. Her next Premier League appearance is a trip to Tottenham on Thursday. Kick-off at 8 p.m.

It’s also an All Premier League game for Burnley in the FA Cup this weekend, traveling to Fulham on Sunday. They will then welcome Aston Villa to the league on Wednesday; Kick-off at 6 p.m.