The 2020-21 Premier League season is nearing its final expansion. Each team in the division only has 10 games or fewer left to determine their overall league position in May.

Once the current international break ends next week, each team will take part in the run-in to decide who ends where, but some schedules are more difficult than others.

In order to record which teams have to pass easy or difficult games at the end of the season, the average league position of the remaining opponents for each side was determined in the following table.

The Premier League teams have been ranked according to the difficulty level of their remaining opponents that season

Brighton and Hove Albion have the worst games in terms of the league. Their nine remaining opponents have an average current rank of only 8.1 in the table, followed by Crystal Palace and West Brom.

In contrast, Arsenal have the cheapest schedule by far. Mikel Arteta’s men face many fighting teams with an average position of 13.4 at the end of the division.

According to figures, Liverpool have the 13th toughest running level with Manchester United; The average league position of the remaining opponents is in 11th place, indicating that they will face a mixed number of game scenarios through May.

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Only West Ham seems to have a much more popular schedule than the Reds on the teams currently looking for a place in the top four. The games in Leicester City offer great hope to the Anfield players.

Leicester’s run is the toughest of the sites that are near the top. Brendan Rodgers’ men have yet to beat all teams in the current top 6. The final three competitions include trips to Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge before hosting Spurs on the final day.

Liverpool will end their season at home against Palace, who is unlikely to be playing for anything in particular at the time, and it may also be worth noting that Roy Hodgson will be out of contract after that clash unless something changes between now and June .

The chances of Jürgen Klopp finishing in the top four are slim, but thanks to the schedule, this remains an outside possibility.

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