If football has shown us anything in 2021, it is that the financial strength of football will largely come from the Premier League.

With similar real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus all still keen on the idea of ​​a European Super League After falling behind English clubs on Premier League TV money, it was no surprise to see where the money was being spent in the transfer window.

In fact, English clubs spent more than £ 500 million more than teams in the other major European leagues such as Romelu Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane come to the department.

Manchester City, meanwhile, broke an English record by paying £ 100 million Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish.

Still, with big money comes the potential to be drawn on the table.

With most clubs still being hit by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pound sterling needs to be attractive for clubs to sell.

City, along with Chelsea and to some extent Arsenal, they don’t necessarily have to rely on football successes or entrance fees to spend huge sums of money, while Manchester United is a commercial giant capable of generating enormous amounts of resources.

As much as this is clearly beneficial for the clubs in the market, it cost them more than a few pounds, if you can believe a study by TicketGum.

To find out which clubs spent too much in the summer, they compared reports from reputable sources in terms of transfer fees with the transfer market rating of each player, which makes for interesting read.

From a club perspective, the list looks like this:

1. arsenal – Overpaid £ 49.7m

2. Manchester City – £ 41.7m overpaid

3. Leeds United – Overpaid £ 19.4m

4th Newcastle United – Overpaid £ 10.6m

5. Brentford – Overpaid £ 10.4m

6. Aston Villa – £ 10.2m overpaid

7th Tottenham Hotspur – £ 9.6m overpaid

8. Chelsea and West Ham – Overpaid £ 7.5m

9. Crystal palace – Overpaid £ 6.9m

10. Liverpool – Overpaid £ 4.5m

11. Burnley – Overpaid by £ 2.2m

12th Norwich City – Underpaid by £ 500k

13. Southampton – £ 1.2m underpaid

14th Everton – Underpaid by £ 5.6m

fifteen. Leicester City – Underpaid by £ 6.2m

16. Wolverhampton Wanderers – Underpaid by £ 6.55m

17th Watford – Underpaid by £ 7.2m

18th Brighton – Underpaid by £ 7.5m

19. Manchester United – £ 59.8m underpaid

While one team’s declaration of “winning the transfer window” often bites again, it’s hard to ignore United enjoying one of the greatest in Premier League history.

With three top-level signings and paying less for Sancho than last season, less than £ 50m for Varane and £ 20m for Ronaldo, the pressure is certainly on Ole Gunnar Solskjær.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s recruitment was clearly focused on attracting younger players and while that might still work, the first signs don’t look promising.

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