Joe Hugill on Amad’s penalty kick

Joe Hugill has admitted that he gave Amad a penalty on his Manchester United debut because he wanted to welcome the Ivorian youngster to the club in style.

The 18-year-old officially signed with United for Atalanta last month and made his debut in the U-23’s 6-3 win over Liverpool.

Hugill scored four times, Amad scored another win over the other two.

The latter’s second goal was a cheeky penalty from Penenka and the former has now revealed why he let his new team-mate take the penalty.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer asked why Hugill didn’t take the penalty to secure five goals.

“Amad has got off to a good start and I’ll ask why Joe didn’t take the penalty himself to score five goals,” said Solskjaer.

Now Hugill has responded to the United manager and said to Secret Scout:

“It was the first time that I met Amad! He really wanted the first pen (United got two penalties in the match) and I said, “No, I’ll have it!” When you talk, you say, “I have to score now.”

“You don’t want a massive fight either because the other team will see that. I had a hat trick so I had to take the first pen, and for the next one I wanted him to feel welcome as this was my first time meeting him! “

(Image: The Secret Scout)