It is impossible to miss the brothers Angel and Juan. Fun-loving and incredibly sociable, the brothers are always on the go.

The two teenagers – born just a year apart – are incredibly close and share many of the same interests. They both like action movies, Legos, biking, Minecraft, and Pokémon. Angel and Juan even share the same dream of playing college football!

There is a small difference, however. The older brother Angel is a loyal ASU fan, while his younger brother Juan is cheering on the OSU.

Angel and Juan want a family who love and play soccer as much as they do and watch the game. They hope for a family as close as they are and want to create memories through family trips and time together.

The brothers say that going to church is an important part of their lives and they want to continue worshiping after adoption. They are very sweet and down to earth and will thrive with a caring family who can offer a life of love.

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Editor’s note: Ms. Gaieck is a copywriter at AASK – Aid to Adoption of Special Kids. She will regularly submit articles to the Daily Independent on in hopes of finding children forever families.