Some people love Michigan football, some hate it – and that combination makes the show one of the most watched on television.

Andy Staples of The Athletic took a look at which teams with four million or more viewers had the most games from 2015 to 2019 – Michigan ranked third with 26 games, only behind Alabama (35) and Ohio State (31).

If you want TV channels to pay premium prices for your games, you need games that crack the Four Million Club.

From 2015-19 55 SEC-on-SEC games made it. 49 Big Ten versus Big Ten games did it.

How many Pac-12 vs. Pac-12 games did it make?


– Andy Staples (@Andy_Staples) August 16, 2021

The starting point for these statistics was also Jim Harbaugh’s first season as head coach of Michigan. And while the Harbaugh era had ups and downs and no wins against Ohio State, the program and coach continues to be one of the most talked about in college football.

While results need to get stronger on the field, it is clear that the spectacle that is Michigan’s brand remains solid. Cool uniforms, the biggest home crowd in football, the most successful program in college football history, just a few things that make the crowd want the casual football fan to see Michigan on Saturday fall.

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