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Mike Dawson takes lead on particular groups, Thomas Fidone transitions to school soccer


LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) – Wednesday was the second day of spring soccer training in Nebraska, and several assistant coaches caught up with the media afterward.

Mike Dawson spoke for the first time after head coach Scott Frost announced on Monday that Dawson would act as special teams coordinator.

“It’s great to be in front of the room, which is great. I love that I can be in touch and touch different groups of positions than I normally would,” said Dawson. “I think that’s one of the exciting things about creating special teams. You can develop relationships with the defense positions. Maybe the DBs or maybe the tight ends, things like that. I like that part of it. I am excited about it. “

Travis Fisher believes the open corner is to be won and the likes of Braxton Clark, Myles Farmer and Nadab Joseph all have a chance.

Fisher said most of the younger players are working on the corner and in security right now.

He relies heavily on Marqeul Dismuke, Deontai Williams and Cam Taylor-Britt to lead and help develop the underclass.

The same goes for Sean Beckton and the tight ends.

Beckton believes Austin Allen has been pretty much a leader in the spring camp so far. Allen is one of the people who organize the team and have everything under control.

James Carnie and Thomas Fidone enrolled early and are in Lincoln, although Carnie is not entirely healthy at the moment.

Beckton wants his veterans to help Fidone become Nebraska’s best recruit in the 2021 class and the best end in the nation in his class.

“He got high school praise, but he’s just a freshman. I train him as hard as the old guys, ”said Beckton.

“He has to understand the pace of the game, [and] how guys move. They’re bigger, faster, they’re stronger – and then all the details he didn’t practice in high school. He needs to understand that details will help you gain routes. Details will help you gain access to blocking schemes. “

There is an opening in the offensive line and competition everywhere.

Greg Austin said there are a number of players vying for position who like the way they push each other.

The names Austin got out of there are Brant Banks, Jimmy Fritzsche, Nouredin Nouili ​​and Ezra Miller.

He also noted that he was impressed with newbie Teddy Prochazka from Elkhorn South.

Overall, Austin would like a better game on the offensive. He doesn’t think they did enough on the first and second runs in 2020 to be successful.

“Everything we focus on goes back to the basics, back to the basics … We do some of the same things. We’re just doing a little better, ”said Austin.

Nebraska is preparing for its annual May 1st Spring Game.

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