We’ll try to update this later this week as more test information comes out. In the first place was the vertical jump. Second was agility. Third was the 10-yard split. Today we have the strength index.

Going back to the old tradition of posting test results for the Nebraska Football program, the Huskers started this week by explaining the process they are going through. I could get poetic or I could just let Boyd Epley do it himself.

Now I’m going to present you the top 6 in the Strength Index.

I understand that Boyd requires that you get 500 points or more from both the hang clean and the squat. The fact that they only posted a top 6 and Williams had a count of only 505 makes me think no one else got 500 points from either lift.

If you do the math, the ranking looks like this (although the picture doesn’t put them in that order):

  1. Damian Jackson, OLB, 270 pounds – 1,127 points
  2. Cam Taylor-Britt, DB, 198 pounds – 1,094 points
  3. Cam Jurgens, OL, 290 pounds – 1,085 points
  4. Phalen Sanford, DB, £ 200 – 1,056 points
  5. Chris Kolarevic, LB, 228 pounds – 1,054 points
  6. Deontai Williams, 203 pounds – 1,018 points

Of course, Cam Jurgens’ squat immediately jumps off the side. Damian Jackson obviously used the so-called “old man’s strength”.

This leads Phalen Sanford and Deontai Williams to make all four lists.