We’ll try to update this later this week as more test information comes out. In the first place is the vertical jump.

Going back to the old tradition of posting test results for the Nebraska Football program, the Huskers started this week by explaining the process they are going through. I could get poetic or I could just let Boyd Epley do it himself.

Today the vertical jump is the first of several test results to be published.

  1. Oliver Martin, WR – 40 inches
  2. Chris Kolarevic, LB – 38 inches
  3. Isaac Gifford, DB – 37 inches
  4. Jojo Domann, OLB / DB – 36.5 inches
  5. Nadab Joseph, DB – 35 inches
  6. Luke Reimer, LB – 35 inches
  7. Phalen Sanford, DB – 35 inches
  8. Cameron Jurgens, OL – 34.5 inches
  9. Zach Weinmaster, RB – 34.5 in
  10. Deontai Williams, DB – 34 inches

We’ve all heard that Oliver Martin is probably one of the best athletes on the team, and so far it seems to be.

The one that immediately pops out is Cam Jurgens at 34.5 inches. We heard how great an athlete was, but when you hold someone in the middle, it can sometimes be difficult to really appreciate their athletic skills if you don’t look carefully. Not many soccer programs would say an attacking lineman was in the top ten for vertical jump. Some might well want to say that this affects the team, but I don’t think that’s the case here. Having a vertical jump of 34.5 inches is no mean feat for someone.

Chris Kolarevic, a potential starter at LB this fall, at 38 inches is impressive. Well, if you’re on this list, it’s impressive nonetheless.

I would like to see the average vertical jump for the next ten players. I bet there are dozens and dozen above the 30-inch vertical mark.