Newcastle United is still for sale and Mike Ashley is still keen to sell the club he acquired in 2007. However, the bargain hunters have been told to forget about hopes of an early price cut this week.

And while there have been suggestions that United had effectively been withdrawn from the market this week in the face of looming relegation, such an attitude emerged after a series of new inquiries for Newcastle.

Indeed, Chronicle Live has learned that Newcastle has been approached by overseas buyers inquiring about the prospect of buying the Magpies if they relegated and whether a knockdown price – only £ 50m in one case – for Ashley would be acceptable.

It is believed that Ashley’s advisors have been upset by those who consider them time-wasters, as Newcastle’s fate has not yet been decided.

Ashley has hired close advisor Justin Barnes to sell the club, while General Manager Lee Charnley is responsible for all of United’s day-to-day operations.

With Charnley currently having to carefully weigh up Newcastle’s management side – which has sparked an argument between players and Steve Bruce over his comments on a communication error and Karl Darlow’s settlement – Barnes is working closely with the club’s legal department and behind-the-scenes of ongoing arbitration the backdrops.

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The club bosses refused to comment on the news that the club had been withdrawn from the market that week.

While Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers await a Premier League verdict on their failed bid on the top-of-the-range owner and director test, Ashley still sees their interest as serious.

Ideally, he would like to sell the club as a Premier League team and at a premium price – which means that even if Staveley and Co are eliminated, other potential applicants for the £ 300m mark would be considered.

The danger is that Ashley’s two worlds are in danger of colliding at the moment, given the impending relegation and loyalty to Bruce.

Sports Direct magnate Ashley refuses to fire Bruce or pay a seven-digit fee as the club’s future is in the balance.

However, if he continues to stay with Bruce and the unrest continues at the training ground, there is a risk that the squad downing tools will be relegated and relegated like 2009 and then in 2016.

This is the worst case scenario for Ashley as the price to buy the club would drop and he would be clumsy with Bruce or would have to pay the seven figure fee to sack him anyway.

But the Newcastle bouts ultimately attracted those looking to pick up a bargain for the club if they were relegated.

As it stands, it is these types of clients who have been told that a cheap deal is currently in need of a cheap deal with Newcastle in a precarious position, although the door is still open for serious candidates in case Staveley and Co don’t later in the year should continue.

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