Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that football clubs are not expected to check the vaccination records of all fans before they are allowed to enter a stadium on match day.

The First Minister announced that “an appropriate number of controls” would be carried out instead at large outdoor events such as music festivals and sports games.

Football bosses had previously warned that asking any fan to prove their vaccination status before being let through a turnstile could result in massive queues on match days.

The Scottish Government’s passport system will go into law from October 1st and will require all Scots 18 and over to show they have received two doses of a Covid vaccine before being allowed in certain locations.

Sturgeon told MSPs during their regular coronavirus statement that anyone entering a nightclub must have a valid Covid vaccine passport, with spot checks only allowed for the largest outdoor events.

Scotland fans stood in long lines in front of Hampden ahead of a qualifier against Moldova this month

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“A pragmatic and sensible approach is taken to all guidance,” she said.

“Legally speaking, venues must take“ all reasonable steps ”to implement the program – in plain language, it boils down to using common sense.

“For example, a venue that has a dance floor after midnight – and meets the other criteria – must apply the certification system.

“You don’t have to control the people who come to pub lunch twelve hours early – that wouldn’t be sensible.

“But in the evening it would make sense to check customers on arrival. That is what we mean by common sense.

Stör continues: “At a venue like a nightclub or at a relatively small event, we expect vaccination certificates for everyone present to be verified.

“At larger events, the organizers are expected to carry out an appropriate number of controls. We work with businesses and environmental officers to provide specific advice and guidance on the scope of controls that should be considered appropriate and effective to serve the public. Health goal of certification. “

The First Minister warned that the operational details of the vaccine pass would be reviewed and changed if the case numbers rise in winter.

She added: “Despite the recent decline in cases, the situation remains fragile; the NHS is under continued pressure; and there is a risk that cases will pick up again at the beginning of winter.

“We believe a vaccine certification scheme is a proportionate measure that will help reduce the risk of transmission and promote vaccine uptake while keeping nightclubs and major events open to business.”

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