Daniel Farke has confirmed Norwich City’s target of staying busy in the summer transfer window after a £ 16.2m expense to Ben Gibson and Dimitris Giannoulis signaled their intentions in the Premier League.

The loaned duo will officially become part of the Canary Islands’ top offer from July after the carriage triggered purchase clauses in its original short-term step

Farke insists City has no intention of stopping there – though runs are inevitable for fringe players.

“We want to keep the best players and add some quality,” he said. “I can’t confirm at the moment that all of our players will stay with us.

“We have to add some quality and there will be some expense for that, but it’s very important to keep the core of the team.

“Sometimes it’s not always in our hands because we have some players on loan here and we have to wait to see what happens.

“We are definitely much better prepared. But we are self-financed. We can’t spend £ 100m on the squad. We are not going to risk the medium and long term future by covering incredible financial issues.

“I said two years ago we need a miracle to stay awake. We don’t need that this time. We need incredible hard work, a lot of effort and it will still be a huge challenge to stay in this league, but I feel much better prepared as a club, as a group of players. ”

Sporting director Stuart Webber previously claimed he did not support Farke before the club had previously reached the top division. The city’s head coach also made it clear that the Canaries had to pay for “the sins of the past”.

“If I were selfish as a head coach, the more quality you add, the easier my job is. But I think it was definitely the right decision not to risk the future, ”he said.

“This will always be our strategy not to risk the future of the club as it is still no guarantee that you will be allowed to stay at this level, and the clubs have done so before.

“After relegation, a lot of teams are fighting at the wrong end. When I think of Sunderland or Hull, they are no longer even allowed to play at the championship level.

“We don’t have to invest in infrastructure or the academy, solve our previous financial problems, or renew our young boys’ contracts. That means we can invest to achieve quality.

“We also now have a group with experience in the Premier League. Last season it was only Alex Tettey this time. We have to be exactly right in our planning.”