Continuing the trend of the last fortnight, the NRL judiciary has had its hands full in Round 12 so far.

Find out about all of the 12-round fees listed below.

The shoulder fee costs Luciano Leilua

West Tigers’ backrower Luciano Leilua was hit with a first class shoulder load for his 77th-minute strike against Blake Lawrie.

Referee Adam Gee saw nothing wrong with the duel that actually generated revenue when Lawrie lost control of football.

The NRL judiciary saw it differently, however, and had Leilua refuse a one-game ban if he makes an early admission of guilt, two if he fights against it and loses.

Tariq Sims escapes with a fine

Dragon Striker Tariq Sims won’t be suspended after Jacob Liddle’s knee caught Jacob Liddle in the jaw.

Sims retreated into two Tigers defenders when Liddle tried to wrap his legs, running on Sims’ knees in the process.

The incident cost Sims $ 1,900 if they accept an early admission of guilt.

Warrior Tyro Reece Walsh, Cowboys striker Mitch Dunn in hot water

He’s been on the scene for the past few weeks, but Warriors full-back Reece Walsh looks like he’s going to be on the sidelines for at least a week Friday night to get his cheap shot at Cowboys back man Mitch Dunn.

Walsh will be banned from one game if he is guilty early on, and he will miss two if he struggles against it and loses.

The judiciary has also considered it appropriate to punish Dunn for a high defense in the same duel and to accuse him of dangerous first class (head / neck) contact.

Three priors in the past two years mean Dunn will miss a match with an early admission or two if he struggles against it and loses.

Walsh isn’t the only warrior standing on the sidelines before a break. Adam Pompey is also facing a one-week suspension for his breaker duel in the first half against Heilum Luki.

The warrior utility Jazz Tevaga got away with a fine for the late hit against Luki that made him sinful.

Felise Kaufusi fights against stumbling blocks

Kaufusi was tripped over because of a 74th minute incident involving Jake Turpin. The charge was tied to a 100 point penalty.

With two dissimilar offenses in the past two years, an early cause of action will still result in a five point carryover ban.

By contesting the indictment, the storm star risks being suspended and 40 transfer points.

Melbourne has since confirmed that they will contest Kaufusi’s charges in a final attempt to expose him to Queensland.