ASHBURN, VA. – That much is clear: The Washington Football Team is open to business on every front. Especially when it comes to the quarterback position. And why not?

We feel like you can never have enough healthy quarterbacks in the building, and that has proven itself time and time again, especially last year and 2018 here in Washington.

The WFT now has Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kyle Allen, Taylor Heinicke and Steven Montez under contract.

That might sound enough … but it isn’t.

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Oh, there could be enough bodies. But … why not try upgrading if you can? Develop someone else when you get the opportunity. You can always trade a QB in a league that is desperately looking for them.

In other words, we believe Washington will almost have to draft a QB in the NFL draft later this month. It doesn’t have to be a high quality selection, however. It could be someone in the later rounds, like a Jamie Newman from Wake Forest or the Ian Book of Notre Dame.

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“Well, we’ll see,” said coach Ron Rivera on Thursday. “We will react to what will happen before us.” When we choose where we choose, many things can happen. We have goals, we have ideas, we have people we like, but that only changes because everyone has a choice. ”

Aims. In this draft. Rivera only gave a clue.

When we wrote that quarterback isn’t a major urgent need … we were absolutely right because that’s how the team sees it. You are waiting for the right time to look for a large fish and at the same time you are content to get the smaller fish into the pond for the time being.

Why? Because desperation forces you to make mistakes. The WFT doesn’t have to be desperate and acts accordingly.

If Trey Lance or Mac Jones fall in 19th place, chances are they’re taking your shot. If not – why reach it? The WFT might need a QB every round to evolve and use it again as leverage if that should work.

It’s what intelligent teams do, and WFT gets to the point that they should be viewed in that light.

“You just never know what will happen at that point,” said Rivera. But we think we know: Try intensely, but without despair, to find another QB.