By Tricia Mifsud

BROADFORD Football Club fell to their lowest point in the Outer East League this season when Powelltown gave the Kangaroos their biggest defeat at 191-21 on Saturday.

However, there were promising signs with Caleb Keen and David Hussey, who were called in by the U17 and reserve sides. An occasional coach, Russell Humphrey, said this was deserved for lower performing players.

Keen was also named best player on the team as his speed was shown in Powelltown that afternoon.

“Keen came from the 17s, we wanted to give him the opportunity to play in the senior national team. He’s a real leg speed player, ”said Humphrey.

“He defeated two or three players on a 25-meter chase. He got the ball a couple of times too, and yes, he got caught with the ball too, but he played really well.

“It gives the 17s an opportunity to let them know when you play footy well. You are rewarded when you play for the senior team.”

Broadford leads the second division competition with 389 tackles so far this season and 404 files to print.

Humphrey said the stats could be looked at in two ways – the side wasn’t getting enough of the ball but again doing the right things to apply pressure and try to get their hands on the ball.

“There are two points of view. For one thing, we just can’t get enough of the footy, ”he said.

“The other side is that we’re trying to put pressure on the ball. If we do that, we can put four or five tackles in a row very quickly. “

Humphrey brought in a tackle trainer earlier this year to teach basic tackle skills that had paid off.

However, the kangaroos still have a long way to go to make sure the ball finds its way to the front line.

“Our problem is not in front of the goal, as the scoreboard suggests. It gets the ball to the front line fast enough, ”said Humphrey.

Broadford will have his biggest challenge this week, playing the undefeated Kinglake on the Lakers lawn.

Meanwhile, the Broadford netball players recorded A Grade 40-31 and C Grade 33-29 wins against Powelltown. The B grade fell between 61 and 49, while the D grade was defeated between 25 and 17.

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