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The knockout stage of women’s Olympic football begins Friday morning with some big names competing against each other. In this game round, Team GB face Australia and Sweden face host Japan.

The Netherlands have to face the USA and Canada face Brazil in the first game of the day. We played through these games and found the best bet for each game that could really make our weekend a very good start.

Canada finished in Group E just behind Team GB with five points ahead of GB seven. In fact, they came close to winning the group and led Team GB 1-0 up to the 85th minute in the final group game. Canada have won one and drawn two, scored four goals and conceded three in their three games.

Brazil also finished second in their group but finished level with the Netherlands on seven points after winning two and drawing one of their games. They scored a healthy nine goals and conceded three. The Netherlands scored 21 goals, defeating Zambia 3:10 and China 8-2 in their games.

Brazil are the favorites here thanks to their superior form and these teams have met five times in the last three years, with Canada winning only once and Brazil finishing two and two. Canada’s lack of goals is worrying here. They’ve only scored four compared to Brazil’s nine, and in the last five head-to-head games they haven’t scored in three of them. We have to go with you Canarinhas to win here.

As group winners, Team GB received the cheap game against one of the top third-placed players. Australia finished third in Group G, won one, drawn and lost one of their three games, scoring four goals and conceding five.

Team GB led their group with two wins and one draw, scoring four goals and conceding one. It must be said that they slacked off a bit on goals and in their last game against Canada they looked without any ideas for the future. This game will reveal if this Canada game was due to a bad day at the office or if it was a deeper problem.

As already mentioned, both teams scored only four goals in their three games in the group stage, and Team GB in particular were resilient at the back and conceded only one goal. We can’t see many goals here, we’re going with them Undersides, a bet that would have won four of their six combined games.

Sweden is the odds favorite to win here. They are the only team in the competition with a perfect record with three wins out of three, nine goals and only two goals conceded. Japan qualified as the top third-placed team with one win, one draw and one loss, scoring just two goals and conceding two goals as well.

The teams haven’t met since 2016 so it doesn’t make much sense to compare a historical record, but formally it’s hard to look past Sweden, who are now unbeaten in their last 15 games (including friendlies) and have won 12 and won three draws.

Japan’s preparations for the finals saw some good results but all but a 1-0 win over Australia were against fairly low-ranking teams. Their lack of goals, only two during the tournament so far, means facing what is probably the best defense in the competition Sweden wins against Nile has the value here.

This is the glamorous duel of the round. The Netherlands had great fun, winning two and drawing one in their group stage games, scoring an incredible 21 goals and conceding eight goals. The US was a bit of Jekyll and Hyde, losing 3-0 to Sweden, then beating New Zealand 1-6 and then playing a gap with Australia.

Of course, the US is still the favorite to win, but the Netherlands have shown that they have the firepower to go the distance in competition. It was pretty unusual for the US to have two games without goals and it’s obvious that something was wrong with the team.

Against the team with the best scorers list, the work could be relieved of them. We go here with the form page and Netherlands to win.

The Olympic football tips from Friday

9 a.m.: Canada against Brazil: Brazil wins
10 a.m .: Team GB vs. Australia: Under 2.5 goals
11 a.m.: Sweden against Japan: Sweden wins against Nile
12 noon: Netherlands vs. USA: Netherlands win

* All prices are up to date with our snazzy widgets, while odds are correct at the time of publication but are subject to change


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