Phil Neville urged his players to “take a long look at themselves” after Inter Miami lost their sixth straight game, admitting that he knows the consequences of such a grim run.

Miami were beaten 5-0 at home by New England Revolution on Wednesday night, a result that left them with the worst record of any 27 MLS teams and bottom of the Eastern Conference.

They’ve only scored one goal and conceded 13 goals in their six-game losing streak, and Neville says he doesn’t need Miami’s owner – including former England and Manchester United teammate David Beckham – to tell him the record is not good enough.

“I feel their full support – I always have,” Neville said of the Miami owners. “You don’t have to tell me your concerns because I have the same concerns.

“I’ve been in football long enough and I know the consequences – that’s not a problem for me. We’ll do everything in our power, we just need better performance on the pitch.

“I have a lot of responsibility and am responsible for everything I do. We are currently on an escape that is putting me under pressure.”

David Beckham is one of the founders of Inter Miami Inter

Despite Gonzalo Higuain and Blaise Matuidi being in their side, Miami were 4-0 down at halftime against New England, which lead the Eastern Conference and have the most points in the MLS.

Neville admitted the performance surprised him and told his team to wonder if they were doing enough for the team.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting it. The players have to look at themselves and so do I. We win and we lose together.”

“Ultimately, it’s my job to make this team better, and at this moment they’re not. It’s on my shoulders.

“When we are disappointed, we have to make sure we can relax. That is what football is about – having the courage and bravery not to let your teammates down on the field.”

“We don’t do that and we haven’t done that in the last six games. We have to correct that as soon as possible.”

“Did they have better players than we did? On paper no, but they are a team and we have to become. That’s all I ask – a team that fights for each other and looks around the locker room and trust each other.


Inter Miami head coach Phil Neville says his side’s 5-0 loss to New England Revolution is his “lowest” point since arriving at the MLS

“That’s what I asked them to do – look in the mirror and ask, ‘What are you doing for the team?’ Nothing will stop me from being successful in this football club. “

Miami joined the MLS for the 2020 season, with Neville arriving in January ahead of her second campaign in three years as head of England Women.

But he has only won two league games since taking office and felt the need to apologize to the club’s supporters after their recent setback.

“It’s the lowest in my feelings after a loss since joining this football club – and we’ve had some disappointments,” he said.

“You can lose games in football, but the way we lost tonight was … we’ve said the word unacceptable in the past – it feels worse.

“It’s about playing for your pride, for the badge, for your supporters – I can only apologize to you for what you saw tonight. I feel more for them than for me or the players because they deserve something better. “