The Premier League will adopt another adjustment to the handball rule that will affect Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.

The handball rule was changed prior to this season to incorporate the t-shirt rule which allowed the ball to touch the top of the arm, but the change was particularly harsh on accidental handballs.

During the change, the ball could not touch a hand at all in the run-up to a goal, even if it was accidental, and so several goals were excluded with the help of the VAR.

But in another change, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has confirmed that this will no longer be the case unless the goalscorer uses his hand in the lead to score.

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The customization enables a teammate to commit accidental handball even if it results in a goal, and they have confirmed that accidental handball is no longer an offense while creating a goal.

But that’s not the only change. The rule now recognizes that the ball that touches the arm is not always handball and that handballs should be judged by where the arm is in relation to a player’s body.

The full notice reads: “Rule 12 emphasizes that not every touch of a player’s hand / arm with the ball is an offense. A player’s hand / arm position should be assessed in relation to their body movement in this particular situation.

“A player has unnaturally enlarged his or her body if the hand / arm position is not a consequence of, or justified by, the player’s body movement for that particular situation. By having his hand / arm in such a position, the player runs the risk of being penalized. “

The release added that it was still an offense to score “directly from the scorer’s hand / arm” and “immediately after the ball touched the scorer’s hand / arm”.

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IFAB added: “Accidental hand ball by a teammate in front of a goal and accidental hand ball that creates a chance to score are now NOT a criminal offense.”

The rules are set to be adjusted for the upcoming Euro 2020 tournament starting Friday, and the Premier League will almost certainly adopt the new rules ahead of the new season.