“Please know that this decision was not made hastily, and it was made in consultation with the Proctor Police Department, the Minnesota State High School League, the Proctor Public Schools Crisis Team and a legal counsel,” said Interim Superintendent John Engelking in one Letter to the school community.

The school had also canceled their September 24 game. Hermantown was slated to host its annual Hammer Game rivalry on October 8th.

“We will take action against justified misconduct and address all problems in the football program, both on and off the field, and to do the right thing at all times,” he wrote.

Engelking said the alleged wrongdoing contradicts the district’s “RailStrong” notions of “doing the right thing anytime, even when no one is watching” and “positively representing yourself, your family, your school and your community.” times.”

Police told WDIO News, a broadcaster affiliated with Hubbard Broadcasting, on Wednesday that their investigation was still ongoing.