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Fortunately, the FPL offers a number of ways in which you can give your fantasy team a makeover at the start of the season.

The first month of the Premier League has already shown some heady performances. Credit: Getty Images / Michael Regan Getty Images / PA Wire.

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What is the FPL wildcard and when can I use it?

The wildcard option is very popular with the FPL manager as it gives you unlimited free transfers which essentially allows you to rip apart your underperforming roster and start over.

The wildcard is available twice per season – once in the first half of the season and then again in the second half of the season.

While there is no need to rush to use it unless required, it is worth noting that your first wildcard must be used by December 28th, the second wildcard will be available when the first expires and is available until the end of the season.

What is the FPL-Free-Hit and when can I use it?

The free hit option is almost identical to the wildcard – with one very big difference.

If you’re unsure of wanting to make permanent changes to your roster, but your roster needs a serious boost to climb the leaderboard, Free Hit might be your best option.

Using the option gives you unlimited free transfers, although the changes only take a week before you return to your original roster, as opposed to a permanent change that you get with the wildcard.

Is Raphina hurt? And how many games is he likely to miss?

The Brazilian was in doubt for the weekend game against West Ham after a blow he sustained two weeks ago forced him out of a Caraboa Cup game against Fulham, but managed to get back on the team against the Hammers, and scored an excellent goal in the first half.

The 24-year-old was discontinued later in the game, however, as the hip injury raised his head again, forcing him off the field.

“He let us know that it will be difficult to stay on the pitch,” said coach Marcelo Bielsa, although he has not yet confirmed whether he will be fit enough to play this weekend so it could be a risk be to leave him by your side.

Who are the FPL top scorers so far?

Would you like to use your free match or your wildcard? Do you need inspiration on who to include? Then take a look at which Premier League stars have earned the most points so far.

Mo Salah – Midfield, Liverpool (57 points)

Overlooked by some managers for being the most expensive player in the game, the Egyptian strikers continue to show that he is definitely worth betting on.

He has just topped 100 Premier League goals and given his bizarre list as a midfielder in the FPL, he should really be on your squad if you want guaranteed points.

Michael Antonio – Forward, West Ham United (47 points)

The Jamaican striker got off to a phenomenal start to the season, scoring one goal per game, making it the Hammers’ top scorer of all time.

The 31-year-old only costs £ 7.9m and is well worth adding to your roster. He is the second best scorer despite missing games due to a suspension. The Jamaican just won’t stop scoring, so get him on your team.

Joao Cancelo – Manchester City Defense (44 points)

The Cityzens full-back is getting stronger and stronger under the leadership of Pep Guardiola, so it may come as no surprise to see him so high up the scoring tables.

He supported Gabriel Jesus Tor in the massive 1-0 win over Chelsea at the weekend and although he is listed as a defender, his constant running up and down on the wing poses a lot of goal danger.

Saïd Benrahma – Midfielder, West Ham United (42 points)

Another reason for the Hammers’ excellent start is the shape of the Algerian star Benrahma. He seems to be at the forefront of everything that is good about David Moyes’ side.

The 25-year-old, who signed to Brentford last summer, took a while to get going, but he’s paying back his reported £ 25m fee with interest in its current form. His side face Brentford at home this weekend so there is reason to believe that he will add to his impressive points record this weekend.

Jamie Vardy – Forward (40 points)

What can you say about the Foxes forward that hasn’t been said yet? The 34-year-old, who regularly scores weekly, shows no signs of slowing down and some would argue that he is already a Premier League legend – and we would not argue.

Once again he hits the highscore charts for FPL players and you can count on the former Englishman to get you points throughout the campaign.