Bell Creek soccer player hopes to inspire other girls

Andrew Keesee reports

Many people only dream of making history, but for Abby DiCenzo it is now a reality. The sophomore year Bell Creek Academy became the first woman to score a touchdown in a Florida high school football game against Berean Christian on Friday night.

“I had to make the last jump and landed the ball in my basket,” said DiCenzo, remembering her jump into the end zone. “Although it was painful, I thought, ‘This is the attitude to life.'”

The DiCenzo coaches and teammates were all too happy to share that feeling with her.

“In the crowd, everyone knew what the game was before it happened,” lineman Gage Fuentes told FOX 13 Sports. “We just cheered her up and told her not to drop the ball.”

“She told me early on that her goal was to score a touchdown,” added head coach Willie Murphy. “When I got the chance to get her in there, she deserved it. When I told the team they said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s put them on.'”

Football has always been DiCenzo’s favorite sport. Everyone at Bell Creek Academy only endorsed their game. In fact, it was a bet with one of their teachers that gave DiCenzo the extra boost to join the team.

“She said, ‘I bet you won’t.’ I was like, ‘I bet I will and if I do you better come to all of my games,’ “DiCenzo said. “She was like ‘OK!'”

Abby DiCenzo recalls the joy and pain of her historic moment.

“That is the attitude towards life.”

– Abby DiCenzo

Of course, there was some outside resistance to the idea of ​​a girl playing football.

“I got a concussion because one of the guys thought it wasn’t a good idea to have me on the football team,” said DiCenzo. “You sidelined to hit me.”

But DiCenzo is too tough to be bothered by such things. For them, a little pain goes a long way.

“Pain lives,” said DiCenzo. “You don’t experience anything unless there is pain.”

Spoken like a real soccer player.