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Netflix’s biography Baggio: The Divine Ponytail tells the story of the Italian footballer’s career. Find out the real story behind the film.

Netflix new biopic Baggio: the divine ponytail tells the story of Roberto Baggio.

The film that plays the main role Andrea Arcangeli As the title figure, he traces the life and career of the Italian football player who inspired entire generations to play football.

The Letizia Lamartire-directed biopic shows his successes, failures, and beliefs, but how much does it affect the sports star’s life?

Find out more about the real life of the Italian soccer player here.

Andrea Arcangeli plays Roberto Baggio in Baggio: The Divine Ponytail
Andrea Arcangeli plays Roberto Baggio in Baggio: The Divine Ponytail.

Image: YouTube / Netflix

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Who was Roberto Baggio?

Roberto Baggio was born on February 18, 1967 in Caldogno, Veneto, Italy. Roberto, the son of Matilde and Florindo Baggio, was the sixth of eight siblings, one of whom also became a footballer.

Baggio played mostly as a second striker or attacking midfielder, although he could play in many positions. Known for his dribbling skills, scoring goals and especially his curling free kicks, he is considered one of the greatest football players of all time.

At the age of 18, Baggio’s senior season in Vicenza suffered an injury that shattered both the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the meniscus of his right knee. Several doctors told him he would never play again, but Fiorentina – two days before his transfer to them was complete – agreed to do so and fund his surgery.

Baggio played for seven different Italian clubs during his career. In 1990 he moved from Fiorentina to his rival Juventus for £ 8m, which was a world record transfer fee. At that time, riots broke out on the streets of Florence, injuring 50 people.

Baggio played 56 games for his country and scored a total of 27 goals to become the fourth highest goalscorer in his national team alongside Alessandro Del Piero.

He played in the Italian team that finished third at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, where he scored twice. He led Italy to the 1994 FIFA World Cup final, scored five goals, received the World Cup Silver Ball and was named to the World Cup All-Star Team. However, he missed the decisive penalty shoot-out in the final against Brazil. Baggio scored two goals at the 1998 World Cup before Italy were knocked out in the quarter-finals by France, which won the entire tournament.

Roberto Baggio played for Italy in the 1994 World Cup match against Bulgaria
Roberto Baggio played for Italy in the 1994 World Cup.

Image: Jérôme Prevost / TempSport / Corbis / VCG via Getty Images

Roberto Baggio is the only Italian player to have scored a goal in three World Cups. In addition to Paolo Rossi and Christian Vieri, he holds the record for the most goals scored in World Cup tournaments.

In 1993 he was named FIFA World Player of the Year and won the Ballon d’Or. In 1999 he was voted fourth in the internet poll for FIFA Player of the Century and in 2002 FIFA World Cup Dream Team. In 2004, he was named by Pelé on a list of the world’s newest living players, the FIFA 100.

Outside of football, Baggio was named Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2002. The following year he became the first ever Golden Foot Award winner.

In 2010, Baggio received the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for the Peace Man in recognition of his commitment to human rights.

In 2011 he became the first soccer player to be inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame. He is also the former president of the technical sector of the Italian Football Federation.

Andrea Arcangeli wears a distinctive ponytail as he plays Roberto Baggio in Baggio: The Divine Ponytail
Andrea Arcangeli wears a distinctive ponytail as he plays Roberto Baggio in Baggio: The Divine Ponytail.

Image: YouTube / Netflix

Why was Roberto Baggio’s nickname the divine ponytail?

Roberto Baggio was known as the Divin Codino or Divine Ponytail, which was a reference to the iconic ponytail he wore for much of his career. It was also a nod to his ability to play and his Buddhist beliefs. He was also referred to as Robi or Roby by his fans.

What is Roberto Baggio doing now?

Roberto Baggio is still alive and 54 years old at the time of this writing.

Who is Roberto Baggio’s wife and children?

Roberto Baggio’s wife is Andreina Fabbi, whom he married in 1989. Despite his conversion from Roman Catholicism to Buddhism, they married in a traditional Roman Catholic ceremony. They share three children; one daughter, Valentina (1990); and two sons Mattia (1994) and Leonardo (2005).

Andreina and Roberto Baggio with the newborn Valentina
Andreina and Roberto Baggio with the newborn Valentina in 1990.

Image: Angelo Deligio Mondadori via Getty Images

What is the net worth of Roberto Baggio?

According to, Roberto Baggio is worth roughly $ 15 million.

What was Baggio’s magical kicks?

The classic online soccer game celebrated Baggio’s influence on the sport by asking players to repeat its accuracy on free kicks and penalties. It has been seen in several iterations over the years.

Are Roberto and Dino Baggio related?

Robert and Dino Baggio are both former Italian professional footballers. Although their last names are the same, they are not relatives. However, they were former teammates at Juventus for two years and formed a close friendship. Dino also played in 1994 and at the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Eddy and Roberto Baggio in 1991
Eddy and Roberto Baggio in 1991.

Image: Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images

Are Roberto and Eddy Baggio related?

Yes. Eddy Baggio, who played 86 games in the Italian Serie B league, was Roberto’s younger brother.

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