The Food Safety Promotion Board, safefood, has partnered with the Irish FA to encourage more than 2000 children to adopt healthier habits each year.

The two organizations have announced that they will host a series of football-based programs and events across Northern Ireland to teach young people the importance of healthy eating habits and activity from an early age.

Keith Gibson, Interim Director of Football Development for the Irish FA Foundation, said, “We are excited to partner with Safefood in this innovative program with football to encourage more than 2,000 children each year to stick to healthier habits.

“Through games and games, we will help children understand the benefits of more fruit, vegetables and healthy snacks, as well as water or milk.

“Having 48 elementary schools involved in this program is another way the Foundation can encourage health and physical activity among young people.”

Young people learn from a mix of animated presentations, player videos, interactive games, and coaching sessions to show how they can make healthier choices for their wellbeing.

Dr. Catherine Conlon, Director of Human Health and Nutrition at Safefood, said: “We are delighted to be the Official Partner of the Irish FA on Safe and Healthy Eating and to expand our work to support schools.

“We worked closely with the association to develop educational resources and games that help children understand the importance of eating healthy and being more active in a fun and interactive way.”

The new partnership started last week with 1200 children from 12 elementary schools participating in one-day festivals that included interactive and hands-on challenges and games as part of the program.