Save Women's Sport Australasia uses the White Ferns image to promote the segregation of transsexuals in women's sports.

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Save Women’s Sport Australasia uses the White Ferns image to promote the segregation of transsexuals in women’s sports.

Save Women’s Sport Australasia has come into conflict with New Zealand Cricket and New Zealand Football for using unauthorized imagery to promote transgender segregation in women’s sports.

Sports committees were “surprised” to see images on the website of the women’s Under-17 soccer team and White Ferns showing that the inclusion of transgender women in women’s sports is not fair and that the sport is “not categorized by gender “By gender identity.”

Both bodies are taking action to combat the use of images that were not “approved”.

Save Women's Sport Australasia uses an image of New Zealand's U17 women's soccer team to promote transgender segregation in women's sports.

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Save Women’s Sport Australasia uses an image of New Zealand’s U17 women’s soccer team to promote transgender segregation in women’s sports.

In a statement to Stuff, New Zealand Football said the organization “recently became aware of the use of an image” and “requested” Save Women’s Sport Australasia to remove the image.

“To confirm, New Zealand Football or any of our national teams are not affiliated with this organization,” the statement said.

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“Permission was not asked to use the image.”

NZ Football said its goal is to be “the most inclusive sport in Aotearoa New Zealand”.

“There is a place for everyone in our football communities and we are working with Sport NZ on their transgender inclusion policy to support our work in this area,” the statement said.

New Zealand Cricket said in an email it was “surprised to see our white ferns”. [intellectual property] be used”.

While NZC has “no position on” [Save Women’s Sport Australasia’s] Attitudes or Beliefs, ”the organization said it is comfortable with the current“ protocols ”for transgender athletes who have access to cricket.

Current guidelines do not restrict transgender athletes from participating in broad-based cricket.

NZC adheres to the protocols of the International Cricket Council and the International Olympic Committee for the Admission of Elite Transgender Athletes, it said.

The IOC requires transgender athletes to have testosterone levels of 10 nanomoles per liter in the 12 months prior to a competition.

The page also features a picture of weightlifters Laurel Hubbard and Annabelle Hohepa from the 2017 World Masters Games in Auckland.


Save Women’s Sport activist Ro Edge hands a petition to MP Mark Mitchell.

Save Women’s Sport Australasia’s Ro Edge couldn’t confirm whether the group had asked permission to use the White Ferns and U17 footballers’ images.

She asked the website designer about the origin of the images at the time of going to press. New Zealand Football believed the images were from Getty Images.

Save Women’s Sport Australasia came to the fore last month when it tabled a petition by National MPs Mark Mitchell and Nicola Grigg calling for more consultation on Sport New Zealand’s draft guidelines on transgender integration.

The petition had more than 5,000 signatures and was accompanied by an open letter to Secretary of State Grant Robertson signed by more than 70 former elite and Olympic athletes.

Sport New Zealand has been dealing with the “complex issue” of transgender inclusion since November. Sport NZ consulted with a “representative group of experts consisting of academics, sports, the rainbow community and advocates of women’s sports”.

A “broader consultation process” will be launched in the coming months.

At a special committee meeting last week, Grant Robertson said he was “happy” with the process Sport Nz was going through.

“This is a process designed to help sports organizations manage their policies on the participation of transgender athletes in community sports,” he said.

“Sport New Zealand doesn’t force anything on anyone here.”

He said establishing a foundation of “inclusion” and the safety and wellbeing of all athletes is paramount.

“[The transgender principles are] … exactly what we want. That people feel included and feel safe. We owe it to everyone who wants to practice sports and recreation in New Zealand, ”he said.