Jose Mourinho says Roma called him just hours after he was fired from Tottenham and feels “misled” by previous management projects.

Mourinho will return to Serie A eleven years after winning the triple with Inter Milan in the 2009-10 season.

He was fired from Spurs in April after a disappointing streak of results and was most surprising when he was announced as the Roma’s new manager in early May and took up his new role next season.

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The 58-year-old says Roma, who finished seventh last season, were keen to have him.

“They really wanted me,” Mourinho told GQ Portugal.

“It was almost immediately, I left Tottenham in the morning and Roma called me in the afternoon. They wanted me very much and they were objective.

“What I had already sensed in my years in Italy was the Italian passion for football, especially for the Roma, a club that has not won trophies for 20 years.

These are new owners who have a very humble approach and realized that this was a new chapter in their amazing professional life, one where they needed help from someone with broad experience.

Despite being one of the most decorated coaches in club football, Mourinho’s stints at Manchester United and Tottenham both ended badly.

Without naming specific clubs, the 58-year-old feels that he has already sold manager projects wrongly and that Roma will be different.

He added, “I sometimes make mistakes, I haven’t always selected the right project, or I’ve been misled about some projects.

“I’ve made mistakes or been dishonestly made to accept what I shouldn’t have done, but in the end it’s all the same.

“Those are not my words, they were said by someone who was much more important than me: If you have goals and drive, you never get older.

“I still can’t believe that I have 30 years of professional football experience or that I am 58 years old because I keep renewing my motivation.

Lately I’ve had very different projects than before. I went to Manchester United in a sentence of transition, not to say decline. I went to Tottenham, which has no track record. Now I am going to Roma with new owners, but I immediately felt this empathy with the owners, the director, and they immediately rekindled the fire and passion I have for my job.

“So here I’m going on a different mission: Impossible. I say impossible because people tend to look at me and in their eyes there is only one way to measure success and that is that I have to win.

“I always say if I came to Portugal to train Belenenses or Gil Vicente, if I didn’t win I wouldn’t call it a success.”


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