Football fever has gripped the country so badly that English fans are hoping football will come home.

As the nation prepares for a dramatic semi-final, we spoke to the people of Teesside to hear their opinion on the England v Denmark semi-final.

And it was a mixture of predictions.

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Darren Kennedy, a Billingham psychiatrist, has faith in the team and believes England will bring home the trophy.

“Football is definitely coming home,” said the 50-year-old.

“England will win on penalties.”

Darren Kennedy

Result prediction: England 5-4 Denmark

Game plans: Have a look at a few beers at home.

David Richardson, a 74-year-old gardener in Billingham, is equally optimistic.

“England will win the whole thing,” he said.

David Richardson

Result prediction: England 2 – 1 Denmark

Plans for the game: Watch with his partner Pat from his living room.

Meanwhile, the cabin crew Dara Mavi, 47, will follow the game at home at his usual “lucky spot”.

Tara blue

Result prediction: England 1 – 0 Denmark

Game plans: At home with steak pie and chips.

Seaton Carew’s Derek believes England are ready to bring football home.

He said, “There won’t be a better time than this, you won’t get a better chance.”

Result prediction: England 3 – 1 Denmark

Game plans: Put down roots for the Three Lions from the living room.

Craig Chamberlain, 74, is also looking forward to the much anticipated game.

“Of course I hope that football will come home. I wouldn’t miss it. “

Craig Chamberlain

But not everyone is so optimistic.

One Hartlepool woman who did not want to be named said, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.

“I think they’ll get out on penalties. That seems about right. “

Despite the pessimism, they said the two of them would root for the Three Lions in their local pub tonight.

Result prediction: Denmark 1- 0 England

Game plans: A pub dinner and a few drinks.

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