McGeeney says ‘ridiculous’ new subs rule hit Armagh on Tyrone defeat

Tyrone punished a Stefan Campbell penalty as the Red Hands scored a decisive 2:15 to 2:10 win in Division 1.

Armagh was leading by a point at the Athletic Grounds when Niall Morgan saved Campbell’s kick in the 51st minute.

Within five minutes, Tyrone took the lead by four points when Darragh Canavan’s superb pass scored substitute Mark Bradley’s goal.

Peter Harte and Jarlath Og Burns scored goals when Conor Turbitt drew Armagh 7-1 just before Campbell’s penalty kick.

Armagh playmaker Rian O’Niall lost on the losing side despite playing for Kieran McGeeney’s side when he scored both goals. His pass for Turbitt’s goal was simply sensational.

That was despite Armagh’s tactic of playing with only one man up front for much of the competition when they tried to hit the Red Hands at break.

Stefan Campbell’s penalty was a defining moment in the Athletic Ground competition

Armagh suffers heavy wear and tear in defeat

For Tyrone, young Canavan with Darren McCurry showed astonishing maturity in a portrayal of the football vision that was just as impressive in his seven-point contribution as last weekend’s outstanding Red Hand striker Paul Donaghy, who produced more of a mixed bag.

After their first loss to Donegal, Tyrone are two points on par with Armagh. Declan Bonner’s side lead the Division One North table by one point on the final series of round robin games this weekend exciting home game against Monaghan on Saturday.

Armagh’s disappointment will only have been compounded by the wear and tear of competition as center-backs Ryan Kennedy and Aidan Forker’s injuries added to their five first-half substitutes. James Morgan retired after receiving a yellow card and Jemar Hall and Greg also replaced McCabe.

Two points from McCurry in form helped Tyrone take a 3-0-1 lead in the eighth minute, and he was also involved in Hartes goal in the 10th minute as Errigal Ciaran’s man after leaving Clubmate Canavan emphatically hit the net with a Blaine Hughes kickout.

Armagh was quick to respond with a goal of his own, however, with O’Neill pairing well with Brother Oisin before selflessly focusing on Burns going on the net.

After a McCurry point restored Tyrone to a two-point lead, two Rory Grugan points equalized the competition in the 23rd minute, and there was only one point further into the opening.

Rian O’Neill (right) played for Armagh when he scored both goals but still ended up on the losing side

Five-point profit margin flatters Tyrone

Upon the resumption, Armagh appeared to be the more purposeful outfit amid O’Neill’s enduring brilliance.

His 43rd-minute shot from a tight angle gave the Orchard men the lead, and while two Donaghy free kicks put Tyrone back into the lead, O’Neill’s wonderful, angled pass over the Tyrone defense set up Turbitt’s goal as the talented one Youngster held his nerve to circling Morgan before planting the ball in the net.

The Armagh goal fell despite Grugan’s sin and after Mattie Donnelly’s response, the Orchard 14 had another great opportunity for a three-pointer, only for Morgan to spread out to block Campbell’s attempted pole drivers with a penalty in the middle.

As is so often the case, the Escape seemed to rejuvenate Tyrone with two more McCurry points before Bradley’s 56th-minute football hit hit the net as he ran to Canavan’s perfectly weighted pass.

Armagh couldn’t get any closer than three points in the final 15-minute action as the late results from Bradley and the hardworking Conor Meyler added a five-point lead which was somewhat flattering to the Red Hands.

Armagh: B Hughes; R. Kennedy, A. Forker, J. Morgan; C. Mackin, A. McKay, C. O’Hanlon; N Grimley, J Og Burns; J. Hall (0-1), R. O’Neill (0-1), G. McCabe; R. Grugan (0-5), O. O’Neill (0-1), S. Campbell (0-1).

Subs: B McCambridge for Kennedy 9, R McQuillan for Morgan 17, P Hughes for Hall 21, P Burns for Forker 33, C Turbitt (1: 0) for McCabe 33, J Duffy (0: 1) for Campbell 55

Tyrone: N Morgan; C. Munroe, R. McNamee, P. Hampsey; M. O’Neill, M. Donnelly (0-1), P. Harte (1-1); Burns F, McClure D; P. Donaghy (0-4), D. McCurry (0-7), C. Meyler (0-1); K. McGeary, C. McKenna, D. Canavan.

Subs: R Brennan for O’Neill 35, M Cassidy for McClure 35, N Sudden for McGeary at halftime, M Bradley (1-1) for Donaghy 48, L Rafferty for Canavan 62, M McKernan for Munroe 64.

Referee: D Gough (Meath).



Donegal 1-20 Monaghan 4-11
Armagh 2-10 Tyrone 2-15
Derry 5-13 Fermanagh 0-09
Cavan 1-19 Longford 1-13
Offaly 0-16 limerick 1-11
Tipperary 2-12 Wicklow 1-12


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