This Premier League season hates telling. Whether it was the overloaded schedule, lack of crowds, or the result of a hex being put to the top tier by a sinister cabal of despised ex-managers, anything was tough to rely on in 2020/21.

Liverpool started with a stutter, went great just before Christmas and has now fallen off a cliff.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looked like a joke in early November, a potential title winner in January and now, whatever you call someone, who beat Southampton 9-0 but only tied with West Brom.

Leeds makes no sense at all.

An unpredictable season means we’ve got more than the usual surprising results. It is time to put them in the order of their merits.

The criteria for an odd score are simple: does it cause a double recording while scrolling a Score app on your phone? Does this make you turn your head towards the radio in disbelief and make the noise “huh”? If you get up involuntarily, point to your television screen and shout “No. NO! Shut up. “On Jeff Stelling?

Here are the top 10: