A third revealed that when it comes to football, there are only rituals in his life – and fans will perform more than two rituals to ensure their team has the best chance of success.

A third of fans do such exercises whether they’re watching on TV or in person – while 21 percent change their practices when in the stadium or living room.

One in six people would never think of giving up such habits and making them a crucial part of their day-to-day routine.

Interestingly, the majority of fans (46 percent) prefer to watch the beautiful game in the comfort of their own home, while 26 percent like to soak up the atmosphere of the game in person.

And with international football returning this week, the vast majority will be watching from home, in the pub, or at a friend’s place – and one in ten will be lucky enough to get tickets to stadiums.


1. Sit in the same chair or seat

2. Wear the team’s scarf / hat

3. Buy a program

4. Always watch with the same people

5. Wear your lucky shirt

6. Look in the same pub

7. Meet in the same pub for a pint

8. Keep your eyes closed when your team has a penalty

9. Walk / drive the same route to the ground

10. Eat / drink the same thing before the game