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National League general manager Mark Ives says they are working closely with Sport England and the DCMS to ensure clubs applying for credit through the Sport Winter Survival Fund do not inadvertently break league rules.

The clubs raised concerns this week that borrowing from the state system may not be allowed in their current format.

The structure of Sport England’s standard loans would mean that they take precedence over football creditors, which is against the standardized rules in all leagues.

According to Ives, the National League has worked hard over the past few years to improve the financial health of their clubs through close controls and financial reporting.

“We work with Sport England and DCMS,” Ives told The NLP. “We are grateful for the funds made available. But we also need to make sure the clubs don’t accidentally break league rules by taking out the loans in the format in which they are in.

“The board has worked hard over the years to ensure financial sustainability. The board wants to make sure we don’t have short term gain for long term pain. We need to make sure we maintain this financial stability. “

Ives says he respects the frustrations swirling around in a week’s time in criticizing the National League over the loan rules and charges against clubs – as they are required under league rules – in Step 2 that has been made since the game have not fulfilled any more games The spring fastening was lifted last weekend.

The club will continue to vote on the resolutions that determine whether the season in the three divisions will continue or end, or whether a separate decision will be made for Step 2.

And Ives says they won’t delay announcing the vote once it’s known and verified.

Ives said, “We are in a time when a lot of people are frustrated – it’s a really difficult time.

“But I’m concentrating on asserting ourselves so that 66 clubs finish this season and 66 clubs start at the beginning of the next season.

“Everyone involved – clubs, fans, the league, the league officers – are excited about the result. This is perfectly reasonable so that people can plan and move on to what the rest of the season looks like.

“As soon as this has been confirmed and verified, we will publish the results.”

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