FIFA will conduct a biannual feasibility study on hosting the World Cup and Women’s World Cup after supporting a proposal at its annual convention on Friday.

The two competitions are currently held every four years, but the Saudi Arabian Football Association (SAFF) has proposed a study on the impact of switching to every two years.

“We believe that the future of football is at a critical point. The many problems that football has faced have been exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic,” said SAFF President Yasser Al-Misehal.

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“The time has come to review how the global game is structured and to consider what is best for the future of our sport. This should include whether the current four-year cycle provides the optimal foundation for managing football from both competitive and competitive levels. as well as from a commercial standpoint, “he added.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino called it an “eloquent and detailed proposal” with 166 national associations voting in favor, 22 against.

After Congress, Infantino told reporters that the study would examine the competitions as part of the review of the entire international game calendar.

“Right now, it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what the results of the study are,” he said. “We have to get into this study openly … we know the value of the World Cup, believe me, we also know the impact the World Cup can have.”

However, Infantino questioned whether the current system of regular qualification during the year leading up to continental championships and world championships was the best model.

“Do we really think this is the way to go for football when we hear fans say they want more meaningful games, less meaningless games, all of these points need to be taken into account?

“We will discuss it, we will analyze it, but we will consider the sporting element as a priority and not the commercial element in all discussions,” he said, saying that he knew that holding twice as many world championships would not mean to double the revenue.

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