Texas Football (Photo by Stacy Revere / Getty Images)

The Breaking News report, which featured the entirety of the Big 12 speaking on the afternoon of July 21, concerns the Texas soccer program and Oklahoma Sooners, who appear to be considering a move to leave the conference for the SEC. The original report was from the Houston Chronicle on July 21 and detailed that Texas and Oklahoma are in discussions about whether to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

The exact timing and implications of this step are not yet known. It is also currently not known whether this will drag on for weeks and / or months. But we know this is a report that wouldn’t go under the radar.

Texas Football and OU could shake up the reorientation of the conference again

The Big 12 never seem to stay out of the conversation about the realignment of the conference for long. Since the Big 12 lost four teams to three different conferences around a decade ago, discussions about expansion and / or further realignment do not stay out of the limelight for too long.

After this first exclusive report from the Houston Chronicle, there were several reports. A report by Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports later that afternoon on July 21st indicated that SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey gave no real insight into how these discussions were going, or whether they are right now.

The response on social media has been huge, from across the college football landscape. And as that situation continues to play out, other notable storylines and reactions are likely to emerge on social media. As this storyline builds, we’ll continue to watch it in relation to the Big 12 and the Longhorns.

But this is a situation that will clearly affect Big 12 teams outside of Oklahoma and Texas. What other Big 12 teams should (and could) leave the Big 12 along with the Longhorns for the SEC?