The triathlon champions react after taking historic gold.

Jessica Learmonth: “I can’t believe it. I was a little nervous about being on a team with Olympic medalists.”

Jonny Brownlee: “Olympics – I did it! It feels absolutely great. Third Olympiad and finally Olympic gold to be won.

“We knew we were under a lot of pressure for this race, we all had to drive very well and do everything right, and we did that.

“Well done everyone except Alex who took the lead and it seemed like the best position but it’s probably the worst position because you can only lose it.

“He stayed cool, kept his head and the girls were absolutely brilliant – we did everything we could.”

Brownlee added, “That’s probably about it for my Olympic career – I got all of the medals.

“Olympics is always a special event and this one is even more special after what everyone has been through. It’s absolutely great to do it as a team.”