After “two windows of fear and uncertainty”, the transfer market in English football is finally showing signs of recovery.

Roc Nation football boss Alan Redmond believes the Premier League will return to big strides this summer as clubs look to rebuild after the financial repercussions of the global pandemic.

Interestingly, however, Redmond believes the rest of Europe could still remain cautious as Spain, Italy and Germany do not have the same level of confidence.

In an in-depth interview, Michele Rinchiuso, Vice President of Redmond and Roc Nation, also spoke about the change in football agents, the dangers of the new FIFA regulations and why players can become rock stars for the next generation of fans.

Owned by US music superstar Jay-Z, Roc Nation has a roster that includes Kevin De Bruyne, Chris Richards and Romelu Lukaku and is entering the football market.

Harry Kane and Jadon Sancho are likely to charge heavy transfer fees this summer

Redmond said, “After two windows of fear and uncertainty, this will be the first real window of recovery. I think some clubs will spend a surprising amount of money and there are signs within the UK that we are going to get back to normal.

“In England, the Premier League is very well insulated due to the TV and broadcast money. We have overcome the mountain and can see normality returning. In Europe, they have reached the top of the mountain but are not sure when they will be on the other side.

“I’ve talked to some very big clubs in Spain and Germany and they just look at loans and players at the end of their contracts. But in England the confidence of players, agents and clubs is returning. “

Jadon Sancho is expected to join Manchester United, Harry Kane is wanted by Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United, while players like Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham are looking to spend this summer.

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Finally, after 15 months of lockdown, closed-door gaming, and huge commercial losses, there seems to be hope and a feeling of the clubs that they are ready to leave again.

Redmond said, “I think the chances of a domino effect are high. I think we got to March and the players were still asking, “When will this end?”

“One of the things about this window is that if you’re a club that is losing a player for £ 80m or £ 90m you may have just waited the last few months and seen what goes on. But now I see clubs going out to replace them.

“In normal times you have a player whose contract is about to expire and you’re bidding £ 70,000 a week or whatever it is. But there was reluctance because the clubs didn’t know what was going to happen next. That seems to be changing now. “

Harry Kane is on the radar of Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City City

There is widespread opposition to the new FIFA regulations. The football association wants to reintroduce agent exams to oust unscrupulous intermediaries and also seek “dual representation” where an agent can look after both a player and a club in a single transfer.

Redmond is a member of the Association of Football Agents, and the frustration of many is that while agents are such big players in the industry, they cannot be classified as advocates or have their say.

“The double representation has a negative connotation, but only if it is exploited. We are undeniably stakeholders who should have a seat at the table. They regulate us, but we are not allowed to speak or give an opinion, ”said Redmond.

“And when we give an opinion, there is no guarantee that someone will listen. There’s this perception that agents take money out of their club, but the reality is that in most cases it’s five percent of a player’s gross salary and it’s not a shady minor matter. It’s very simple and in the contract.

“To underpin that when one speaks of dual representation and conflicts of interest. You have normalized a percentage of a transfer fee for an agent up to ten percent.

Jay Z founded and owns Roc Nation – who represent stars like Kevin De Bruyne

“Now the selling clubs could say, ‘We’re not giving it to you.’ But the point is, it’s there to be negotiated. You want agents to act honestly. But it can result in an agent getting five percent on a new contract or ten percent of a transfer fee, let’s say £ 25 million.

“I fear that FIFA has turned agents into real estate agents for players. It seems like they had small concerns about what could be exploited and ended up opening a door into a much worse room. “

Top Agent Sky Andrew is one of several to comment on the transformation of agents, moving from old school transfers and contracts to broad representation and becoming more of a manager dealing with commercial connections, social media and marketing takes care.

That was clearly the attraction for Roc Nation, who looks after players on both a commercial and football level, and the agency’s connection with music, showbiz and US sports gives a unique insight into sports stars who are already on a completely different basis in the USA Level are.

Roc Nation also wants a select customer list, young and emerging players along with stars with the idea that they get as much exposure as the superstars.

Rinchiuso said: “The players want to explore different things, the way they express themselves, the way they see themselves, and that’s completely different than it was 20 years ago.

“I think we’re more of a family than agents at first, but I also think we’re managers. The agent side has changed much more to a full, broader management that takes care of every aspect of a player’s career and life. “

Redmond added, “People talk about music and sports being so compatible, but no one has ever got it right. I think we’re doing it right. We have experience on both sides, experts in their field in matters of social media, marketing and I think we are uniquely positioned.

“Nobody looks at the owners of another agency and strives to be like them. Player not. In our case, our players do it. “