One of the main attractions of the sport, affectionately known to many of its fans as the “beautiful game”, is its unique ability to bring together people from all walks of life.

Over the years so many of us have gone to the field as part of a team in our region and have made lifelong friends.

Be it at the Sunday League level or up to those who grace the lawn in Brunton Park every week. The joy of playing as a team and winning as a team is a great bonding exercise for everyone involved, and the stories of those exhilarating days are so often looked back with real fondness.

In today’s gallery we see a great collection of teams and players from the past few years in a series of images that will no doubt bring back happy and cherished memories of days gone by for those involved.

From the 1970s to the most recent times, these photos are a reminder not only of the fun of the game itself, but also of the true power of community that the sport so often encourages.

Of course, team sports were only played sporadically during the Covid-19 pandemic last year and are still prohibited under current regulations.

With this in mind, these images get an extra dimension of sharpness.

Still, as many on a team will no doubt already know, there is hope.

Last week the government announced its “roadmap” outlining plans for the gradual return of some of our most cherished activities, including an early return to team sports.

The date on which the government has stated that it will ideally work towards the return of team sport is March 29th.

Easing restrictions on organized sport; This date also includes golf, tennis, and other outdoor sports.

Many of us hope that everything goes according to plan and that we can get back on the pitch with our team-mates.

As always, if you have memories of these scenes, please get in touch!