The UEFA Champions League will resume on February 16 when the round of 16 kicks off. With Matchday 7 bringing up a new leaderboard for the knockout phase for # UCLfantasy managers, those who missed the group stage will have another opportunity to compete for prizes.

Whether you entered the group stage or is your first time playing #UCLfantasy, you will receive unlimited free transfers before Europe’s leading club competition resumes. Here, lists some useful tips on how to get the most out of your transfers and tips on how to be successful in the knockout phase.

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Check out all of Cristiano Ronaldo's Champions League goals

Check out all of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League goals

First a brief overview of the most important rules:

  • Unlimited free transfers are available to all #UCLfantasy managers until Matchday 7 (Round of 16) at 9:00 p.m. CET on February 16
  • The squad budget has increased from € 100m to € 105m (although this can vary slightly depending on the value you won / lost in the group stage).
  • The number of players you can choose from a club has increased from three to four, and that number keeps increasing with each round
  • As soon as the games in the first leg have taken place, the managers of #UCLfantasy will receive three free transfers before the second leg (8th matchday). For any transfer that exceeds this threshold, four points will be deducted from your total
  • In contrast to the group stage, unused free transfers will not be carried over to the following match day

Check out all the goals in the Neymar Champions League

Check out all the goals in the Neymar Champions League

How should the #UCLfantasy managers approach the next stage of the competition? Here are some pointers:

Choose players from different teams

It is tempting to fund assets from a small handful of teams that you think will make it to the quarter-finals, but this is a risky strategy. We see surprising results in the UEFA Champions League every year and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough free transfers to fill your squad with active players in future match days. If you are flexible in your initial squad selection, you will likely serve well in the long run.

Check out all of Lionel Messi's Champions League goals

Check out all of Lionel Messi’s Champions League goals

Treat yourself to a captaincy option every matchday

The 7th matchday takes place on four different days (February 16/17 and February 23/24) and offers the #UCLfantasy managers four options when it comes to the captain. By incorporating strong options each day of the game, you will maximize your chances of picking a captain who will generate a significant return on points. The stick or twist decision is more important than ever in the knockout phase. So decide in advance how many points you will be satisfied with from your skipper.

Study the form book

A good performance in the group stage is no guarantee that it will stay that way in the round of 16 and beyond, especially since the gap between matchday 6 and 7 is more than two months. A lot can change during this time. Therefore, before choosing the individual players, think about how they have developed in the meantime. Were you or your team in good shape? Were they regular starters? In fact, you may even discover some new assets that you haven’t considered before. Keep an eye on for our expected starting line-up article as it may affect your selection.

Paris versus Barcelona over the years

Paris versus Barcelona over the years

Maximize your chips

While some returning # UCLfantasy managers may still have one or both chips (Wildcard and Limitless) left over, newcomers will have an advantage over many in the sense that they will definitely have both from the start. Having these chips available at the right time can have a huge impact on your score. It is therefore worth considering your options before each game day to assess whether it is worth activating one of these chips.


A PS5 can be won on every match day! To enter the prize draw, all you have to do is:

  • Pick a team
  • Make a substitution
  • Make a transfer

Additional prizes are also available for the top three players each game day and for those who finish in the top three on either the Knockout Phase Leaderboard or the global leaderboard. Check out all prices.