As Newcastle United fans, we had to take away a lot of stick from various media and football experts.

Often we have to bite our tongues in the face of the now common and often repeated tag “Deluded Geordies” and the usual “What do these Newcastle fans want?”. Question.

Well, the simple answer to that question about the Tuesday night embarrassment is emphatically – NOT THIS!

The best comment that is often given is “Steve Bruce is doing a fantastic / excellent / reasonable job” …

There comes a time when that statement becomes like a faded t-shirt in the sense that you can wear it for a while, but in the end you just look silly.

Any spirited draw or lucky win is praised by some (including Bruce himself) as evidence that he has worked miracles and that there is indeed this “progress” that he keeps bouncing around while playing the plump and unobservable football for the other half conveniently omits a dozen games.

So your Jamie Redknapp at Sky Sports is only insisting this week that Bruce is doing a “decent” job and that football was no better under Rafa Benitez. At some point there might be a little water in this comment, but now that’s clearly wrong. Redknapp’s argument, like that faded t-shirt, fades the more gigs we see and the further we slide off the table.

Bruce’s staunch defenders like Luke Edwards, Alex Bruce, Chris Sutton, Shola Ameobi, Robbie Savage and Simon Jordan have about as little credibility in their stance as Steve Bruce does in his job.

Even Bruce loyalist Alan Shearer has spoken up, and while he hasn’t fully criticized criticism of his buddy’s management, it at least provided a more thorough scrutiny than the usual blame avoidance. It remains to be seen how helpful it would have been six months ago instead of letting the splinters on his bum stay in bed any further.

Having the floor this week after the Sheffield United mess, Warren Barton is right to point out that this malaise and regression was not just his last game, but throughout Bruce’s tenure. “It’s demoralizing, not entertaining, or fun to watch, and I’m sure it can’t be fun to play. It’s negative, it’s boring, and it just wears you out. “- Warren Barton.

After all, someone stated what the fans were seeing. He goes on: “They put men behind the ball, trying to get the game out of the game, and if they can get a result from a set piece or get a penalty, it seems all is well and good.” God, it looks like someone actually saw the games. Thank heavens for the few like Warren Barton.

If you are famous and have been given a public platform to give your opinion on, when you give false praise and ridicule the public, you should be damn sure that you are impartial and take both sides of the argument, an alternate opinion to express when all the facts indicate otherwise. It’s even worse when you criticize a former manager but praise a current one for not being better (or worse) just because they are cheaper or a partner, are grossly negligent and lack professionalism, or even something more basic – Honesty.

But getting back to our plight, Newcastle United fans watch an upcoming group of games that will either save us or bury us. Arsenal, Aston Villa and Everton away, Leeds and Crystal Palace at home, is no easy task. Normally I would say six points from these games, but based on our current line-up, I would be surprised if we got a single point.

While we slowly slip off the table with every passing game, we, as Newcastle United fans, can only watch as other sides gnaw at our once quite comfortable-looking pillow on the lower three points. We can also sit back and look back on the many times we have dared to evoke the disastrous performances and shocking representations that mask a hidden problem, only to tell those who supposedly know that we are deceived and stupid and that we are should be happy with what we have.

Someone on our side should be honest and publicly state that what we are seeing now may not be the end. When our bleak winter turns into a gritty spring, our position will deteriorate alarmingly, if indeed it can.

Before Bruce was appointed, who were the people who said it was the wrong move, that he wasn’t right for managing the Premier League?

Who were the people who repeatedly pointed out the terrible statistics and shocking accomplishments, week after week, over a period of 18 months?

Who were the people who kept saying that the strange outcome might mask massive gaping cracks, but that, given this manager’s records, disaster was only a matter of time?

Who were the people who were mocked for really not caring?

We had the media talking heads, experts for a quote and a shame to the professional journalists who did not call out this godly scenario as it was developing and effectively told us to know our place and ridicule the club we once called Newcastle United .

You should all now apologize to the one group of people who saw what is most likely around the corner and called it out … the Newcastle United fans.