FOX 5 learns more about what could legally go on for Washington Football Team cheerleaders after the team closes its cheerleading program. The team cites “rebranding” as a reason.

The move comes amid ongoing investigations into the team’s alleged sexual harassment culture.

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FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis reached out to several former and current cheerleaders for the Washington Football Team on Tuesday. She also spoke to the mother of a cheerleader for the Washington Football Team.

So far she has not received any comments.

The team has kept a New York-based public relations firm and says, “In order to provide a true” blank board “for developing a new gaming experience, the team will develop game day programs, including cheerleading and music, during the new experience becomes. “

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LANDOVER, MD – DECEMBER 15: The Washington Football Team cheerleaders perform during the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 15, 2019 at FedEx Field in Landover, MD. (Photo by Mark Goldman / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A Washington Post report over the summer made no mention of sexual assault and harassment allegations – more than a dozen female employees reported sexual harassment within the Washington Football Team organization. The NFL is currently investigating.

About the move to suspend the cheerleading program, Washington Football Team President Jason Wright says, “The off-season gives us an opportunity to rethink the status quo.”

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Attorney Phillip Thompson says the cheerleaders could appeal.

The time to announce the team’s name change comes as it is known that research into the culture of the Washington Football Team is nearly complete.

It is unclear how much of the findings the public will actually know.