As much fun as the soccer fans were, every time a Sunday game is advertised as “The Eagles versus the Soccer Team,” the Washington DC franchise is unlikely to keep the nondescript Washington Football Team name forever. They want a brand that fans can relate to, and Football Team doesn’t cut it.

What that next name will be has been a mystery since the organization announced in July 2020 that it was giving up its previous insensitive nickname, but we now officially know the final eight options for a team the Eagles will play twice a year.

Washington Football Team Co-CEO Tanya Snyder joined ESPN’s Adam Schfeter on Schefter’s podcast to discuss anything related to WFT before the start of the 2021 season, and Schefter naturally steered the conversation towards the naming process:

“SNYDER: We’re down to three.

“SCHEFTER: Can we say the three we’re down on?


“SCHEFTER: I heard eight. I heard …

  • armada
  • Presidents
  • brigade
  • Red falcon
  • Commanders
  • Red wolves
  • defender
  • WFT

I think these are the candidates, right?

“SNYDER: Yeah.”

There we have it! Those are the eight options they liked, and of those eight, Snyder said they had already narrowed the choices down to the last three.

Honestly? You’re … not great. Not terrible, but not great.

I can’t see half of it. Washington Presidents is just brutal. Washington Commanders feels like a fake B-movie team. Washington Defenders would be stupid considering that defenders are also a group of players on the team. And staying with the football team would be a real surprise.

Between the two non-plural options, I like Armada better than Brigade. And of the two Red options, Redhawks is a slightly cooler option than Redwolves, but I really like each of them out there. The Redhawks and Redwolves have been by far the best options all along because they actually have some character. Please choose one of them.

WFT has announced that it will use the new name in 2022, so we will likely get a solution after the season ends and before the draft. Circle March on your calendars if you want and get ready for a makeover in NFC East.

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