Derby County boss Wayne Rooney has made it clear that Jason Knight won’t be leaving the club this month despite Burnley’s interest.

The 19-year-old has appeared in every championship game this season and has generally been impressed with an otherwise disappointing campaign for the Rams.

And this form has drawn admirers from the Premier League, with West Ham, Leeds, and Burnley in particular saying they care about the midfielder.

With Derby’s off-field problems continuing to hurt the club’s finances, it was suggested that they might be forced to use some of their talents before the deadline.

However, speaking with Athletic reporter Ryan Conway, Rooney insisted that Knight not leave Pride Park. And he had a message for all the other clubs that wanted to benefit from the Rams’ situation.

“Jason Knight will not leave this football club. The vultures can orbit anything they want. The players I want in this club stay with this football club. “

Knight will start this weekend as Derby hosts Bristol City.

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The judgment

This is exactly what Derby County fans would have liked to hear, and while things are changing rapidly in football, Knight is clearly not leaving this month.

From a footballing perspective, it makes sense. Derby is still in a relegation battle and needs its best players, a category Knight falls into.

In terms of your own development, staying with Derby is the right call then. Rooney clearly trusts him and will give him minutes, so the point is to repay that belief with more good performances this season.

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