The bosses of the West of Scotland League have withdrawn all league games. A new list must be recreated so that they can play “at least 50 percent of the games played” to declare masters.

The Interim Management Group issued a statement this afternoon that it has been reviewing the continuation and completion of its league competitions and has decided to withdraw all current games.

These will be redrawn “to reflect what we need to do to get to a point where champions can be declared.”

No dates are set for these games. They are known as “game days”. If a start date is set, the first game day will be played on that day.

The statement went on, “The games have been postponed and redesigned so that our goal is to get to a point where at least 50 percent of the games have been played and all teams have played each time.” other teams in their division at least once.

“It was also decided that if a game is postponed due to pitch issues, the game will be postponed within 11 days of the postponement date.

“This will help us achieve the above goals of all teams who play against each other at least once and bring us above the 50 percent required to be declared champions at PPG.”

Secretary Kennie Young says he has the games ready and hopes to get them out soon.

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