Changes to the schedule mean fantasy football managers will need to shake up their squads to get the most out of the points available

Navigate shared and double game weeks in the Fantasy Premier League requires some skill, with careful selection required to get the best possible score.

Game weeks 18 and 19 represent an anomaly in 2020-21. Only six games will be played in game week 18 and a number of games will be postponed to game week 19, making it double game week.

Why are the devices split up in this case?

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Planning issues related to delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the Premier League taking a winter break in 2020/21. However, efforts have been made to reduce the burden on the players.

To this end, eight clubs will have no game in Gameweek 18 as those games are now taking place in Gameweek 19 – so it will be a double week of game for some teams.

Which teams play in FPL Gameweek 18?

Arsenal, Burnley, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Everton, Fulham, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Tottenham and Wolves play in Gameweek 18th

You can see all of the Gameweek 18 games in the table below.

date Attachment
January 12th Sheffield United versus Newcastle United
January 12th Burnley versus Manchester United
January 12th Wolves versus Everton
13th January Manchester City versus Brighton
13th January Tottenham versus Fulham
January 14th Arsenal versus Crystal Palace

That means there will be one empty game week for eight teams. They are: Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leicester City, Leeds United, Liverpool, Southampton, West Brom and West Ham.

It may be advisable to use yours Free hit Chip during this game week to change your team if it is heavily occupied by players in the above clubs

Fernandes and De Bruyne the best GW18 captain options ©

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Which teams have a double game week in FPL Gameweek 19?

A total of 12 teams will play a double game week in Gameweek 19.

The teams in question and their opponents during the game week are listed in the table below.

team Game week 19 opponents
Aston Villa Everton (H), Manchester City (A)
Burnley West Ham (A), Liverpool (A)
Chelsea Fulham (A), City of Leicester (A)
Fulham Chelsea (H), Manchester United (H)
Leeds United Brighton (H), Southampton (H)
Leicester City Southampton (H), Chelsea (H)
Liverpool Manchester United (H), Burnley (H)
Manchester City Crystal Palace (H), Aston Villa (H)
Manchester United Liverpool (A), Fulham (A)
Southampton Leicester City (A), Leeds United (A)
West Brom Wolves (A), West Ham (A)
West Ham Burnley (H), West Brom (H)

If you want to take full advantage of double week of play, it may be wise to pick high-scoring players from clubs such as Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Mohamed Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes are the kind of points that are sure to be popular candidates for the captain during double game week.

The eight teams that only have one game in Gameweek 19 are: Arsenal, Brighton, Crystal Palace, Everton, Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Wolves.

That means you should carefully consider choosing players like Harry Kane, Heung-min Son and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for this week of play.

It’s worth noting that some teams will play three games over the two game weeks. They are: Manchester City, Manchester United, Burnley and Fulham.