Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham met with their Premier League counterparts in London today to discuss a wide variety of topics.

The trio, along with other teams from the capital West Ham, Crystal Palace and Brentford, as well as the remaining 14 teams of the Premier League, sent delegates to only the second meeting of the governing bodies in two years because of the Covid19 pandemic.

A number of topics will be discussed during the meeting, including next season’s game dates, with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar expected to cause a number of problems.

The tournament, which is due to take place in winter, will kick off the English football calendar, so the clubs will have to join forces to find a viable solution.

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In the meantime, there should also be a discussion on the latest Covid-19 protocols for fans entering stadiums.

While most of the restrictions in the UK have already been lifted, there are still guidelines and criteria that fans must meet in order to gain access to games.

Some have to present a vaccination card or, alternatively, an exemption or a negative Covid-19 test.

However, this has caused some disruptions in some of the venues, with some clubs in the Premier League appearing to be dissatisfied with the current set of rules.

The results of the meeting and decisions are expected to be announced in the near future.

In the meantime, the clubs will continue to prepare for the final round of Premier League matches. Chelsea go to the top of the table in their sixth matchday and face reigning champions Manchester City in Etihad.

Elsewhere, Spurs and Arsenal face each other in the campaign’s first North London derby.